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Our Children's Ministries



Children's Ministries

Come and join us for a fun-filled night for kids ages 4-12! These ages will be split into two groups. In each group they will be learning age appropriate Bible lessons in a fun learning environment! We meet every Wednesday at 7:30pm.

Age Groups

Ages 8-12

Ages 4-7

What Happens At
Kidz Nite?


Snacks and drinks are given out every week. They are hand picked by the kids!

Arts and crafts

Every craft is made to go along with the lesson to help the kids remember the message!

Bible Study

Each lesson is age appropriate. They are designed to give foundational truths so the kids have something to build upon.

Games and prizes

Once a month, we host game and prize night! This is the time when kids get to redeem the points they have earned!

For more information or if you have any questions,

Please contact us.

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